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Resources for the Garden

I'll be honest, there's significantly less things to do for the garden in the winter. One of the best things for you to do is learn and plan. The more you learn, the easier planning will go and the more successful your next garden.

So today's post will be a couple good resources (aside from books, that will be a different post) to help beginners and intermediate gardeners alike!

Soil Preparation

These websites give great advice for enriching your soil and making even the worst soil ready for growing food.

This one is great for explaining the types of amendments you can add and what they provide for your plants.

From the same site, this gives great (and cheap!) ways to fill your raised beds so you don't spend so much on bags of soil.

Soil is only as good as the microbes that live in it. They help break down mulch and compost into usable forms for the plants and can help prevent diseases.

Kitchen waste being added to compost
Composting is a great way to reduce waste and enrich your garden

Compost! The best way to reduce waste AND make free soil additives for a successful garden!

Wanna do the fill thing for the raised beds but can only do containers? I gotcha, check this out.

Affordable Gardening

Gardening can get pricey. Trust me, I've spent probably $500 on my garden this past year alone (that includes my indoor plants though). Here's some tricks to make it more affordable and possibly free!

Basic guide for gardening on the cheap.

For cheaper plants and trees.

A dollar store garden guide, that'll keep the cost down.

Gardening HAcks and Secrets

Youtube has a lot of handy vids for how to grow certain things and a lot of other places have great tricks for fixing certain problems or maximizing your harvest. I won't post the youtube links but here's some others.

Starting seeds isn't always easy. Here's several tricks to master it.

Loads of gardening secrets!!

Collection of pots, garden tools, hat and flowers
There are planty of hacks to improve your garden

Wanna garden organically? Heck yes! Here's a great guide.

Confused about zones? Yeah they get a little messy. This is a good go-to. Keep in mind that they did just adjust the zones so this doesn't have the updated zones. I haven't read into what all that means yet. This is still a good starting place.

Pest and disease resistance is key.

These are just a couple good resources for starting your garden. I encourage everyone to start producing their own food sooner rather than later.

What is your favorite gardening hack?

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