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Arkis Media
Publishing Services

A Different kind of Self-publishing

we are a service-based support system.


We know what it feels like to query agents for years, to submit to publishers time and time again—all to no avail. It's an incredibly subjective industry, and that can get discouraging fairly quickly.

We also know what it feels like to look into alternative publishing options. We understand the outrageous costs of making your dream of publishing come true. 

So we're here to offer solutions that any writer can afford.

What we won't do:
  • Charge you roughly the price of a small car

  • Own your manuscript's copyright

  • Withhold the majority of your royalties

  • Cut you out of the process

What we will do:
  • Offer an affordable buffet of services

  • Ensure you maintain 100% ownership of your work

  • Only take a small percentage as a carrying fee in the Shoppe

  • Personally coach you through each stage of self-publishing

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