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All the Devils Are Here
Things As They Were


This low fantasy series was Renée's debut into the world of indie publishing. She started writing the series when she was 14 years old, and it has heavily evolved since then. Reminiscent of childhood favorites like Narnia and Inkheart, The Arkis Tales is a great place to start if you're a lover of magic and a classic fight of good versus evil (with a little morally grey).

the bedtime prince

an ode to
family history

Written over the course of one month, Renée first published the bedtime prince as a historical fiction serial novel on her former Patreon in 2020. A year later, this homage to genealogy was published in printed form, marking the start of Renée's multi-genre exploration.

Murder & Intrigue

In 2022, Renée dabbled in the realm of mystery with this gem. Set in Victorian England, A Cage of Tarred Feathers is a direct reflection of Renée's preferred genre, while featuring sprinkled references to the Victorian literature on which she thrives.

A Cage of Tarred Feathers
Painting Equipments



Continuing her multi-genre journey, Renée will be publishing a new project. The Gukova Trilogy blends historical fiction with spy thriller overtones and fantasy undertones. Stay tuned for updates as a release date is chosen. 

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