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Welcome to the Arkis Conservatory

Hey guys! I'm Becca from The Little Arkis. As plant lovers, my sister and I decided to add plants to our Shoppe. And so we added the Arkis Conservatory (which you may sometimes hear referred to as Alice's Garden, more info on that later!)

I put together some questions you may or may not have about the Arkis Conservatory as a little get-to-know you type thing:

How big is the Arkis Conservatory?

Great question. It's actually really small right now, we have a small greenhouse shelving unit and a collection of potted plants outside for now. We do have big plans for it though.

What do you know about plants?

I may not have gone to college for botany, as I prefer to learn on my own (#neurodivergent). I have my own little collection of gardening books and have had a garden most years since I was VERY young. I've learned a lot along the way and I am so excited to share what I've learned with you guys!

Why did you mention Alice's Garden?

Well, *spoiler alert* Alice is a character in The Arkis Tales series, some of the books we have available in the book shoppe that are actually written by my sister! Now why is it called Alice's Garden? well *spoiler alert* again... Alice is kinda sorta based on me :) (though she is Lewis Carroll's original character) And since it's my, for lack of a better word, domain... It's occasionally called Alice's Garden. Usually on our seed packets.

What do books and plants have to do with each other?

Aside from books being printed on dead plants... to me, everything has its place and there's definitely a "circle of life" element to my philosophy. Plants represent life. Stories can save, restore, and improve lives. Also, we pride ourselves on being as earth-friendly as possible. We reuse packing material and nursery pots (well-cleaned) and use as few chemicals in caring for the conservatory plants as possible.

So what do you even offer?

At the moment, we have seed packets of a fairy-tale mix of flower seeds (perennials and annuals) from Alice's Garden as well as Peace Lilys and Golden Pothos! (srsly tho, I gotta lot of pothos... plz buy them...I'm overrun)

Are your starter plants bug-free?

While is it incredibly hard to keep bugs away from plants, I do my best to keep them limited. The only bug that I've really had issues controlling in the greenhouse is fungus gnats. However, before I ship the plants, they get rinsed off and I can ship them as bare-root plants. This way any fungus gnat larvae I have missed is left behind on the soil. If you want it shipped bare root, please note it when checking out. Otherwise, I do a hydrogen peroxide soak of the starter plant in its soil to kill them. (Hydrogen peroxide is not bad for plants at all. When it hits the soil, it separates into hydrogen and oxygen. The Oxygen actually aerates the soil and the hydrogen is what kills the gnats)

Are you gonna add anything else?

Abso-freakin-lutely!!!! I'm so excited, we're gonna have several different varieties of houseplants as well as seeds (generally heirlooms if I get what I want) AAAAAAAAaaannnnddd, pretty much anything else plant related you can think of :D

How come you haven't posted much lately?

Oh, come on bruh. I'm only human. My schedule has been a little hectic lately and sometimes mental health gets in the way. But no worries I'm coming back.

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