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Wax & Ink: Historic Bookstore

Wax & Ink: A Historic Bookstore is an American bookseller based in Waxwood, Ohio. The shop prides itself on maintaining local history while simultaneously looking with optimism for Waxwood's future.

The historic building was restored in the summer of 2020 for the modern public and generations to come.

Address: 187 E Brubaker Street

Phone Number: (326) 555- 2218


The breathtaking building was initially constructed as Cook & Connell Hotel in 1910, serving many guests--including famous magician Barry Beaumont, and local hero and friend of the hotel's co-owner, Jonathan Cook.

Over the years, through management changes and disrepair, the building was closed down in the 40s, only preserved for its history, until 2020 when it was bought by Isaac and Helena Cavanaugh to be made as we know it to be today.


Owners: Isaac and Helena Cavanaugh

Store Manager: Timothy Gonzales

Assistant Manager: Amelia Snow

Media Personnel and IT: Andy Smith


Olive King

Jenevieve Sloann

Linda Crabtree

Security: James Shepherd

Local Legend and Folklore:

In 1921, famous magician Barry Beaumont returned home to Waxwood after a tour around Europe dazzling the world with his talents. He and his pregnant wife stayed in Cook & Connell Hotel before Beaumont performed his final trick. He was chained and thrown into the local river where he was supposed to escape but tragically didn't survive.

There are rumors of his spirit still haunting the bookstore. Whispers of chains dragging in the halls, a white Victorian suit, a transatlantic accent echoing in the vents. If interested in learning more, call manager Timothy Gonzales for a full tour of the building and its stories!

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