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My Outdoor Plant Collection

I don't know how many of you follow my Insta or YouTube. I do have a sort of introduction to some of my houseplants on those.

It's high time I shared the full list of plants in my collection. Starting with my outdoor plants! Keep in mind that some do come in during the winter and may already be inside. (This week's YouTube video will show all my outdoor babies!)

Hardy Kiwi

I have three "varieties" of this. A male, Ananasnaya, and Ken's Red as they are not self pollinating. I got these from an absolutely wonderful grower on Etsy! (DayLilyNursery, they are so wonderful!!)

These are hardy and I do live in one of their zones. But because I keep them in pots, DayLilyNursery suggested I move them to my garage for the winter to prevent the roots from freezing. In my experience, it is difficult to properly insulate pots outside for an Ohio winter. I've lost several plants that way. (RIP old raspberry and blueberry, I moved you inside too late and the shock was too much)

Passiflora Edulis (passion fruit)

I have two of these lovely vines. Still rather small as I bought them only a couple months ago. They are inside already in preparation for the winter. My first time keeping them so fingers crossed I don't lose focus! I also bought these on Etsy, I don't live near too many nurseries with unique plants and the Internet is a cool place to find new plants. I haven't had any issues with buying plants on Etsy, but be wary as plants are fragile and may not survive shipping. (Etsy via TropicalSprouts)


Evening Primrose





Why did I lump all of these together? I got them from the same place. Also they are the start of my dope collection of medicinal and tea garden plants. (Etsy via ZenobiasGarden)

Dark Beauty Scotch Heather and Primrose French Lilac

Also together for the same reason. I chose to add Heather to my garden as it is my favorite scent of bath salts I get from the Ren Faire (as often as I can go). Lilac is also one of my favorite scents and the shop HirtsGarden on Etsy has a lovely French one in yellow! This is my first Lilac and it's so cute and little. It'll be a while before I can enjoy it's blooms but that just makes it all the more special that I get to raise is from such a small little plant.

Lilac (my bigger one)

This one I bought at Home Depot on a whim. It's 6x the size of my little one so I can hopefully smell the blooms much sooner. All my plants are currently in pots due to being a renter, so this dude is gonna need some tlc to prep for spending winter outside. (I'm gonna run out of available room inside and in the garage so some babies are gonna brave the cold)

Honeysuckle (Japanese)

Please note that this type of honeysuckle is invasive in America. It's the one you see most often with yellow and white flowers on the sides of the road and creeks. This one will STAY in a pot as I refuse to contribute to adding invasive species to native habitats. I do enjoy the nectar from the flowers though, which is why I added this to my collection. You can use the flowers in many different recipes including jelly and drinks! (Also from DayLilyNursery on Etsy)

Elderberry (American)

I got this baby from a good friend! You know who you are C! You're the best! (Guess this is a life hack for those who know me in person. Buy or give me a plant and I'll love you forever)

Saffron Crocus Sativa

I bought the bulbs on Etsy (@mardeross) and they are sprouting!!! I'm so excited to try my hand at growing this pricey little spice. :)


Did you realize that strawberries can grow back the next year if you care for them right? Tis true. My strawberries actually come from two different places. Home Depot and Etsy (@SpiritFarmVA) This will be my first year winterizing these babies so stay tuned.

Bee Balm

(Etsy via HostaKing) This one is also part of my medicinal/tea garden and it is lookin real good.




All from Home Depot. Two are replacements for my poor babies that did not last through last winter. These three look much healthier than last years so fingers crossed. I've gotten blueberries already and I can't wait to harvest the others!!

Yellow Climbing Rose

This one is also from Home Depot but has a story behind it so I kept it separate. Yellow roses are my grandma's favorite flower. I tried at one point to root one of the yellow roses she received but that didn't work out so I bought a healthy small bush. While it's not quite the same look as the yellow roses she is used to, It blooms regularly and smells lovely so now I can make sure she has yellow roses whenever.



Chocolate Mint

This is getting kind of long so I'm trying to wrap up. the last pea plant was a surprise. As I was cleaning up my veggies I noticed one of the pods from a previous plant had sprouted so I've kept that baby alive. I doubt it will produce anything as it's beginning to get colder but I can't bear to destroy a healthy plant. My grape is actually secret shhhhhhh. My parents don't know about it somehow. I bought it at Home Depot when I wasn't supposed to be bringing home anymore plants.....they'll notice it sometime so might as well include it. The chocolate mint is actually an accident as I had purchased another plant from a vendor on Etsy and they accidentally sent me this. I can't remember the vendor but they told me to keep it as a gift. It's really taken off and I've been able to gift some to friends!

Asiatic Lilies

These were gifted to me as bulbs from one of my best friends who has remarkable memory. She remembered that I had briefly mentioned that they were my favorite flowers a YEAR before the gift!

Apple trees (Pink Lady) and Roselle Hibiscus

These babies I grew from seed!!! The apple from seeds I took out of grocery apples and the roselle I purchased on Etsy (via @LuffaMe) It's so satisfying to grow things from seeds!!

Rosemary and Lavender

Last ones I promise! I have a small lavender bush (I believe English Lavender but I'd have to check) and a small Rosemary bush! I absolutely love them and I'm so glad they are thriving. I've always had bad luck previously with growing both of these.

That's it for my outdoor plants (though there are a couple I'm just gonna lump with the indoor ones)

What do you grow outdoors?

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