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My favorite hobby is gardening

By Becca Wilson

I know a lot of people became enamored by the idea of plants at the start of Covid, I've been a plant lover the majority of my life. Ya see, it started when I was very young. My dad ALWAYS had a garden even though we always rented. Mostly vegetables. I was exposed to growing plants then from the beginning. And I've kept up gardening as a hobby the majority of my life.

greenhouse gardening

Not my greenhouse, but dang do I want one.

But what really drove me to continue?

How my Dad introduced me

The way my Dad involved me in particular in the garden did a lot of the work. I remember one time, back when I was around 10, I complained that I was the only one that he had work in the garden. His response is really what has stuck with me all these years and I doubt he even remembers telling me this. He told me, "Rebecca, you are the only one that recognizes that plants are living things."

Now did that mean that my siblings didn't know they were living things? No, they all went to school. What he meant was that I treat them as living. And from that moment on I felt special. I felt a personal connection with every plant I encountered. I'm sure 10 year old me thought that perhaps that meant I was like a fairy or something with nature powers.

From then on, even before then really, I studied the gardening and plant books my dad had on his bookshelf. I was the weird kid that memorized those books as much as I could.

In all honesty, as an adult I drifted away for a bit. But then I got my first houseplant that was actually mine. And BOOM, I got shot back into that love immediately and my plant collection has reached 100+ in less than two years. It's gotten so "bad" according to family, that they're trying to limit how many plants I bring home. Totally not fair, especially since my most recent ones are useful ones rather than decorative.

What's your favorite hobby?

  • 0%Gardening of course!

  • 0%Art

  • 0%Reading

  • 0%Video Games

The Takeaway

Is there a takeaway message? I think so, but that's up to you. In my humble opinion, If you want your kids to develop helpful skills like gardening, it's important to teach them young and to compliment their efforts even when they are frustrated.

Also if you want your kids to stay away from drugs and stuff like that, get them to love a good hobby that's probably expensive. Like plants or even art.

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