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| Memphis Moses

"My mind rebels at stagnation!" -The Sign of Four


Full Name: Memphis Owen Moses

City: Waxwood, OH

Sex: Male

D.O.B: 8/13/06

Occupation: High School Student

Religion: Protestant


Hair: Course dirty blonde hair that probably needed a haircut a week ago. Usually styled in-between fluffy and spiky.

Eyes: Round hazel eyes that are generally brown, but with flecks of green in the center.

Face: Oval-shaped and tan from how much he gets outside in the sun.

Ethnicity: Caucasian with English and Cherokee Native American origins

Height: 6'2

Weight: 173 lbs

Build: Memphis is tall and skinny. A typical teenage boy, he can eat anything he wants and he's still skinny.

Style: Tries hard to look like he doesn't try hard. Wears a lot of sports jerseys, ripped jeans, tennis shoes, anything he can move around in, but is also kind of the style at school. But he likes to act like he doesn't care.



Strengths: Bold, energetic, athletic, fearless, observant

Weaknesses: Rebellious, loud, quarrelsome, risk-prone, and easily bored

Desires: To find his place in the world, live without regret, and become a famous basketball player. Or a soldier. Whatever works.

Fears: Losing his dad's love, being labeled a coward, being boring like his cousin


Movies: Likes 80's horror movies. Especially the obscure, cult-classic ones that are more ridiculous than scary.

Music: When he's hanging out with his dad then he'll listen to country music with him, but when he's alone then he'll listen to 80's music. Take on Me by A-ha is his favorite.

Books: Was never big on reading. Even going into book club, he still has a hard time getting into reading and will just cheat and watch the Sherlock movies instead.

Hobbies: Skateboarding, playing basketball, video games, hanging out with friends, hunting, and dirt-biking.

Food: Means it when he says he'll eat anything. The boy is always hungry. But his favorites are Chinese take-out, burgers, pizza, and nachos.

Drinks: As if he needs anymore caffeine, Memphis likes sugary sodas like Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew. He also loves going to gas stations past midnight for slushees--cherry-flavored of course.

Take-Out Order: Sweet and sour chicken.


Jenevieve Sloann: Although they used to play together a lot when they were kids, Memphis thinks his cousin has grown up to be a nerd and a giant stick in the mud. But deep down, he still loves her like a sister and wants to see her succeed in her nerdy dreams.

Lila Greene: Memphis remembers a time when he, Jen, and Lila all used to play together after church, so Memphis likes Lila and is comfortable joking around with her. After he gets used to book club, he finds out she's one of the few people he can go to for help without getting lectured.

James Shepherd: Memphis sees James as the second biggest stick in the mud he's ever met. Every time he goes to the bookstore, James is catching him for something. Memphis makes it his personal mission to get this grumpy gus to smile a little bit. Or finally lose his mind. Both are entertaining.

Elle Gonzales: Ever since Elle stepped into book club and made snide remarks at his cousin's expense, Memphis has hated Elle. He thinks she's a stuck-up princess who needs to get over herself. Memphis takes it as his job to knock her down a couple pegs.

Wyatt Moses: Memphis has textbook daddy issues. Feeling like his dad turned his back on him, Memphis has thrown out the rule book quite possibly just to spite his cop father.


  1. Police Training: With his dad being a police captain, he taught Memphis how to defend himself. Though when he got older, he started getting into fights, so he didn't get much training past the basics.

  2. Athletics: Memphis used to be in a lot of sports growing up, in football and basketball, but got kicked out of both teams when he started getting into trouble. Despite this, he still likes to keep active and play sports when he can. He's got a lot of energy to burn.

  3. Out-of-the-Box Thinking: Memphis is a rebel and a daredevil. He would try anything, if dared to (or forbidden to). He has a knack for mischief and coupled with his bravery, helps push the club to go beyond their boundaries for the sake of a case. Whether they need to break in somewhere, start a diversion, whatever, Memphis is the one you call.


Growing up, Memphis was a healthy and happy kid who wanted to be just like his dad, police captain, Wyatt Moses. But the happiness didn't last forever. Over the years, Memphis's mom grew tired of her husband's workaholic tendencies.

She left her husband and son when she'd had enough. Wyatt and Memphis coped in different ways. Wyatt consumed himself in work further and distanced emotionally from Memphis, leaving his kid confused and hurt more than he already was.

Memphis blamed himself and lost his confidence. This led to him being picked on at school and that led into fights. Wyatt blew up at Memphis over that, causing Memphis to resent him. In high school, Memphis turned into almost a drastically different kid. Memphis projected all his anger and frustration out on his father, as well as any kid who poked him at school. Memphis just treats rules like a joke. He's lost respect for all authority and loves any opportunity to get attention and get in trouble in the name of fun.


+Feels he'll already never be good enough for his dad

+Secretly envies how "perfect" Jen is, with her being a goody two shoes and never getting in trouble...until the club, that is.

+Notices practical details the others in the club would miss

+Misspells words on purpose to annoy people (specifically his cousin)

+Has a pitbull at home named Burt

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