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| Lila Greene

"There is nothing like first-hand evidence." -A Study in Scarlet


Full Name: Lila Taylor Greene

City: Waxwood, OH

Sex: Female

D.O.B: 6/3/03

Occupation: College student. Taking courses in nursing, biology, chemistry, and geology.

Religion: Protestant


Hair: Mid-length, auburn with choppy bangs

Eyes: Almond-shaped, bright green eyes

Face: Oval-shaped with medium skin tone and freckles on her cheeks

Ethnicity: Caucasian with English and Scottish origins

Height: 5'5

Weight: 130 lbs

Build: Tall, lean, with a naturally athletic build. Keeps in a healthy shape. Takes a lot of walks and actually enjoys eating her vegetables.

Style: Lila likes cozy clothes. Her style is a mix of a cozy academia, indie grunge, and casual cottagecore. She likes natural tones like green, brown, reds, and oranges. She lives every day like it's October with a lot of sweaters, baggy pants, and tennis shoes.



Strengths: Reliable, laid-back, loyal, intelligent, and open-minded Weaknesses: Overly selfless, doesn't speak up enough, overly curious, and absent-minded

Desires: To become an RN. She's interested in science in all forms and just wants to use that to help people.

Fears: Not being able to take care of the people she loves, because she wasn't good enough


Movies: Lila has always gravitated towards superhero movies, sci-fi, and fantasy as her top three genres. Her favorites are Batman, Star Wars, and the Dark Crystal.

Music: Likes 70's music. Likes a lot of disco like ABBA.

Books: Is usually reading something about science, but also likes Stephen King's books and Sherlock Holmes novels (thanks to Jen)

Hobbies: Doing experiments, taking walks, baking, studying, and hanging out with Jen.

Food: Lila is genuinely not a picky eater. She often reminds Jen when she comes over that she is, and I quote, "okay with anything."

Drinks: Loves hot drinks. Hot tea, even just boiled water, and sometimes coffee.

Take-Out Order: Sesame chicken and crab rangoon


Jenevieve Sloann: Jen has been her best friend since the fourth grade. Lila is used to going on crazy sleuthing adventures with her, and she's always there to help Jen detangle the mess in her head.

James Shepherd: Lila hasn't spent enough time around James to form an opinion about him. Lila just hopes he's the kind of guy Jen thinks he is, so she can be happy.

Elle Gonzales: Lila didn't go to school with Elle and Jen, so she wasn't there for their big rivalry, but she knows of it. Lila is initially quiet around Elle because of this, but gradually becomes friends with her as the club sticks together.

Memphis Moses: Lila met Memphis at church, where she, Jen, and Memphis used to play together. Lila thinks Memphis is a lot of fun and she enjoys watching his crazy stunts. Even if it does end in her using her first aid kit to help him after.

Family: Lila is the youngest of four siblings. Her mom is an RN and her dad is an accountant. The household has had its share of both order and chaos, so Lila knows how to take care of herself and she can adapt to plans changing at the drop of a hat. Preparing her for the book club.


  1. Medic: Lila got her interest in nursing from her mom, and has decided to follow her footsteps. She likes to take care of people however she can.

  2. Scientist: Lila's fascinated by science including chemistry, biology, and geology. Sometimes she gets carried away doing her own little experiments, which turn into amateur forensics for the club.

  3. Team Player: Lila hates confrontation. When the club gets off-topic, Lila helps redirect everyone to the task at hand and is great at giving advice, particularly to Jen when she overthinks.


When Lila and Jen were in the fourth grade, Lila's family moved from Michigan to Ohio for her dad's job. After they moved, they started looking for churches when they found Jen's. After the two girls met, they became inseparable. Lila thought she was funny because most of what Jen talked about was Sherlock Holmes. But other than that, the two had a lot in common. Jen's dad calls them two peas in a pod. So, when Jen starts book club, Lila is the first one signed up. She's used to getting into mischief with her, but things get more exciting than she ever imagined when their book club finds a real murder mystery to solve.


+Early riser morning person.

+Animal lover

+Collects sock monkeys

+Jen keeps giving her mushrooms as gifts as a running joke. Lila likes mushrooms but Jen gives her even more mushrooms than she thought she’d ever need.

+Probably more chaotic than Memphis, just doesn't act on every thought she has. People think she's the most well-behaved of the club, but is just quiet.

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