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| Jenevieve Sloann

"I am lost without my Boswell" -A Scandal in Bohemia


Full Name: Jenevieve Elizabeth Sloann


-Jen (by everyone)

-Goody Two-Shoes (by Elle and Memphis)

-Jenny (by Elle)

City: Waxwood, OH

Sex: Female

D.O.B: 2/15/03


-Bookstore clerk at Wax & Ink


Religion: Protestant


Hair: Ash brown with long layers, usually styled in the 90's fluffy look with a headband on.

Eyes: Downturned hazel-green eyes

Face: Oval-shaped with a pale complexion and wears round wire-framed glasses

Ethnicity: Caucasian with mostly English origins

Height: 5'3

Weight: 140 lbs

Build: Has a curvier build

Style: Loves dark academia and vintage fashion. Turtlenecks, sweater vests, button-ups, all in neutral colors. Rarely wears bright colors, the closest thing to colorful she'll wear is either turquoise or dusty rose.



Strengths: Imaginative, altruistic, clever, passionate, and witty

Weaknesses: Overthinker, naive, perfectionistic, sensitive to criticism, and socially anxious

Desires: To publish a best-selling novel and to someday get married to her crush, James Shepherd, who works at the same bookstore she does.

Fears: Growing up, Jen often got bullied, so she grew up worrying people would misunderstand the way she thinks and find her weird. She fears James rejecting her, never getting to publish a book, dying alone, and whatever uncomfortable situation or minor inconvenience she can overthink into a huge problem.


Movies: Adores mysteries, specifically any Sherlock Holmes media. (There are over 200 Holmes movies and counting to enjoy) But other than Sherlock, Jen's other favorites are Pride and Prejudice and Little Women. Cozy period films.

Music: Jen normally listens to gospel music or classical, but when she's writing then she likes listening to theme and instrumental music from various Sherlock pieces of media as motivation.

Books: About the same to her interest in movies. Anything Sherlock, mystery, and/or set in the 1800's.

Hobbies: Writing, drawing, playing the piano, hanging out with Lila, and daydreaming.

Food: Is an extremely picky-eater. Could eat a lot of the same food every day, very particular about texture and taste. Loves Chinese food and her favorite snack, chocolate-covered orange candy sticks.

Drinks: Loves chai lattes, which have enough caffeine to keep her going, and is relaxing enough not to stress her out. Jen loves pairing her chai with her favorite snack.

Take-Out Order: Teriyaki chicken


Lila Greene: Her best childhood friend. Lila is one of the few people who shares her interests and makes her feel more sure of herself. Jen is sure Lila had a huge impact on her growing into who she was meant to be.

James Shepherd: Ever since the day she met him, Jen has been smitten with the local security guard. She prays one day they'll get to talk because she's far too shy to start up a conversation herself.

Memphis Moses: Jen remembers a time when they used to be inseparable when they were little. But when he became a teen, the two started to drift apart. Jen hopes this book club will bring them closer like they used to be. He'll always be the closest thing she ever had to a brother.

Elle Gonzales: Elle made Jen's life miserable in school. Because of all the names she called her, Jen got branded as weird and always felt isolated by her classmates. She was terrified something similar would happen when her boss invited Elle to book club. But now, Jen has hope the two can find a way to get along.

Timothy Gonzales: The father of her childhood rival and her boss at Wax & Ink? Sounds like a recipe for disaster. Although the two were cordial to each other in the beginning, now that all this stuff is happening after Linda's murder, Jen fears she's walking on thin ice with him.

Family: Jen has always been close with her family. At 21 years old, she still lives with her parents and goes to them for advice and guidance. But she's never kept a secret like this from them before. How is she going to tell them her book club is solving a real life mystery? And how will they react?


  1. Writer: Jenevieve is the Boswell and documenter of the club's adventures. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's books inspired her to be a reader, a mystery lover, as well as a writer. Giving her ideas for how the criminal mind works, how to solve a case, and also to document their adventures to show people what they can do.

  2. Imagination: Going along with the writer point, Jen is a creative person, which helps her come up with ideas to brainstorm with the group. This also helps her to come up with ideas for motive, and how to see the best in the group and use their abilities.

  3. Intuition: Although Jen wants to be as observant as Holmes, most of her readings on people are based on her gut. Some people will give her bad feelings and she'll know to if they're not meant to be trusted. This is a useful trait, so long as she doesn't overthink it...

  4. Empathy: Despite how much she says she doesn't like people, Jen does have a heart to help others with their problems. In fact, it angers her more to be shut away than it does to be included. Even towards people like Elle, ultimately, Jen just wants to understand those around her and figure out how to better help them.

  5. Self-Defense: Her military dad taught her self-defense when she was a kid, using what he learned from the military. She is not very strong, but she is scrappy and slippery, and has peppers spray as well as a taser in her purse.

  6. Connections: Jen grew up thinking she was alone, but was quickly proven wrong when becoming a sleuth. Her dad is ex-military, her uncle is a police captain, her crush is the security guard, and she's made many friends who come to help her work through these cases. When the chips are down, she's grateful for people she can go to for help.

  7. Stealth: Unless someone is talking about Sherlock, Jen can be very quiet and introverted. Sometimes she is so quiet, that people can forget she's in the room--which can even startle her own friends. Sometimes, this doesn't make her feel too great but other times it can be hugely useful when she needs to sneak around unnoticed or take notes while Elle or James talk to a witness.


Jenevieve was devastated when her manuscript was rejected. All she's ever wanted to do was write detective stories like the Sherlock series, but instead, she finds a new project in making a book club with her loyal best friend, her rambunctious cousin, the cute security guard, and her worst childhood enemy.

If that wasn't daunting enough, instead of just reading about mysteries, the club comes across a real-life murder. And they're the only ones who can bring the truth to light.


+Has a pet Yorkie named Muffie

+Hates loud noises and bright light

+Picks at her lips and her cuticles when she’s nervous or thinking

+Cracks her knuckles when she’s stressed or frustrated

+Adjusts her glasses to avoid making eye contact

+Collects antiques

+Has a tremor in her hand when she’s scared

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