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| James Shepherd

“I am not the law, but I represent justice so far as my feeble powers go.” -The Adventure of the Three Gables


Full Name: James August Shepherd


-Jim or Jimmy (by Memphis)

-Officer Pretty Boy (by Memphis)

-Sleeping Beauty (by Memphis)

-Rent-a-Cop (by Memphis)

City: Waxwood, OH

Sex: Male

D.O.B: 9/10/1997

Occupation: Security Guard at Wax & Ink

Religion: Protestant


Hair: Coffee-colored short hair that's naturally curly and messy.

Eyes: Tired brown eyes. Should be round, but are usually half-lidded, making them appear narrower. Typically has dark circles underneath.

Face: Square-shaped head. Has a fuller face but a sharp jawline that usually has a 5 o'clock shadow

Ethnicity: Caucasian with English, German, and Ashkenazi Jewish origins

Height: 5'9

Weight: 162 lbs

Build: James keeps a regular exercise routine, but until the mystery happens, doesn't have a lot to do. He has some meat on his bones. He doesn't have a dad bod, but he doesn't have a six-pack either. Average build, leaning towards buff.

Style: Very casual. Doesn't care what he wears. His wardrobe usually follows a color palette of neutrals with the occasional blues and teals. Wears a lot of baggy jeans, sweatshirts, and jackets.



Strengths: Brave, relaxed, protective, loyal, and down-to-earth

Weaknesses: Stubborn, private, aloof, lacks direction, and depressed

Desires: To find what he's meant to do in life, and where he's supposed to be

Fears: Heights and failing to save someone. He hates the idea of anyone getting hurt on his watch, feeling like he should have been able to prevent it. And he has always been irrationally afraid of heights.


Movies: Likes old action movies like Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone.

Music: Depends on his mood. When it's been a long day and he needs to relax, he'll listen to oldies music. He likes a lot of Bing Crosby, Elvis Presley, and the Righteous Brothers. But when he's exercising or working on a project, he listens to something like Imagine Dragons to pump him up and boost his energy,

Books: Used to read a lot of nonfiction. Whatever subject piqued his interest at the time like World War II, true crime cases, or a historical figure's life. This was until meeting Jen and the Holmesian Book Club, inspiring him to read the Sherlock novels. It took some time to get used to but has come to like them.

Hobbies: Playing the guitar, jogging, lifting weights, driving around in his car (this is the Midwest), and boxing.

Food: His favorite food is Texas-style chili. He likes meat and comfort foods, but if he has to cook himself then he typically just makes quick sandwiches or gets something through the drive-thru, whatever is easier.

Drinks: Due to his horrible sleep schedule, the boy needs a lot of caffeine. Usually black coffee, energy drinks, or Diet Coke.

Take-Out Order: General Tso's chicken


Jenevieve Sloann: Jen has had a huge crush on him since the day she met him. It is unknown to Jen if James reciprocates her feelings or not. He remains courteous with her, usually able to hold a conversation.

Lila Greene: James is neutral with Lila. The two are friendly with each other enough but aren't close.

Memphis Moses: James is often frustrated with Memphis, because of how often the latter comes in to cause trouble. The two frequently bicker.

Elle Gonzales: James is completely neutral with Elle. The two rarely talk.

Timothy Gonzales: After the Linda incident, Gonzales has put James on suspension for his criminal negligence. Gonzales does not trust James at this time and he will be very lucky if he gets to come back to work.

Linda Crabtree: The two were initially close. From Jen's point of view, Linda was one of the few people he would chat with and seem relaxed around. James often did a lot to look out for her, and she did for him too. When she was murdered, it devastated James, and he will never stop blaming himself for her death.

Family: TBD


  1. Observation: James has always been curious from a young age, wondering how things worked, or watching situations from a distance to see how they play out. He likes looking at every detail, as well as the bigger picture, so he doesn't miss anything.

  2. Deduction: Although this was not something he initially did or even thought of before meeting the club, after he got to know them and heard how much they based their methods on Sherlock, James quickly took to the deductions game and found it was very easy for him to try his hand at. What once became a fun little attempt would soon develop into a habit for him, seeing how beneficial it was.

  3. Experience in Combat: James has an extensive history in self-defense, being interested in boxing since he was a kid. He was put into the wrestling team, took up boxing late in high school, and then was trained in overall self-defense before becoming a security guard. Making him the best fighter of the HBC.

  4. Weapons: Being a security guard, James has the typical arsenal including a baton, handcuffs, and a taser.


James Shepherd is just an ordinary guy. Although he was gifted in school, he struggled to apply himself to subjects that didn't interest him, which gradually became a problem as he got older.

James got a job as a security guard at Wax & Ink just to pay the bills and lived an average life trying to get by, until one day, his nicest coworker Linda gets killed--and because he fell asleep on the job, he wasn't there to save her. Now James is determined to help the HBC find her murderer. Even if it pulls him into a bigger adventure than he ever expected...


+His parents wanted him to take violin lessons but he chose the guitar instead

+Took boxing for several years. Has a punching bag in his apartment that he uses when he's thinking.

+“I was an honor student. I don’t know what happened.”

+Has a “system” where he keeps his stuff. Likes his messy notes.

+Can fall asleep anytime, anywhere

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