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If I wrote Five Nights at Freddy's Sequel

So, as the title suggests, I have seen Five Nights at Freddy's. A month ago. Like, a day or two before Halloween. I thought I would only have a short hyper-fixation, but it has not left me since I have seen it. A big reason for that is probably Josh Hutcherson, but that topic is for a whole different blog.

Now, I was part of the OG crew for the FNAF fandom. When I was 12, my cousin and I would play the app and watch other people play the game. It was a part of my childhood, and I followed along with the games up until Sister Location. That's when I dwindled out, until I saw the movie in theater with my dad (who did not know the lore at all, but I had to catch him up--which I did so happily).

Now, the sequel cannot come fast enough. Being a writer myself, I have decided to put all my thoughts here to see if I can predict how the sequel should go. Let me know what you think!

All rights belong to their respective owners. Scott Cawthon, Blumhouse, all those fun people.

Warning for spoilers, but you knew that. Definitely watch the movie before reading this. Another warning for discussing horror themes like child death, ghosts, etc.


Cold opening: A flashback to Vanessa's childhood. The young blonde girl in pigtails at her birthday party. She takes a picture with her father, the man in the bright yellow rabbit costume, and she holds her new birthday present, a red and yellow plane. After the picture, her dad wishes her a happy birthday and gives her a hug before returning to work, greeting the other boys and girls at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria in its heyday.

Vanessa turns to her friends but they are so excited to be at the new restaurant that they seem to completely forget about her. Her friends are Gabriel (Freddy), Jeremy (Bonnie), Susie (Chica), Fritz (Foxy), and Cassidy (Golden Freddy). They make crafts, making themselves animal ears and hats out of paper, and they go play games. The other kids are having a great time, but Vanessa feels disconnected from them. She's at a table alone, barely eating her birthday cake as she listens to the kids laughing around her.

Then she turns and sees her father talking to his business partner, Henry. They're in a back room, arguing. Henry is talking about his missing son and is distressed about continuing to come to work while his boy is still missing. William gives his condolences and tries to reassure him the police will find him soon, but he has to focus on the work right now because this restaurant was their dream, and they put so much into it. William says he would hate for Henry to give up on it now. Henry replies that his dream always involved bringing his boys to the restaurant, but now he doesn't think he'll get to do that. Then the men glance out the door, seeing Vanessa is watching them.

William murmurs for Henry to excuse him before going to check on her and ask her why she's all by herself. She replies that all her friends have left her. This is where the tone shifts, as William looks over, counting the children with his eyes. But he snaps out of it a second later. To cheer Vanessa up, William goes to the PA and tells everyone in the restaurant to give it up for the birthday girl, his daughter, Vanessa. The music starts up and everyone sings Happy Birthday to her. Vanessa finally smiles again, but in the corner of her eye, William is taking one of the children by the hand and leading them to a back room...

When the work day is coming to a close, and most of the kids are leaving, Vanessa finds herself alone again and waiting on her dad to take her home. She goes to the back room to find him, and she sees him mopping up blood from the floor. All the color drains from her face. But when William finds her, he slowly raises a finger to his costume's mouth. This is the day Vanessa's life changed forever.

Cut to Vanessa waking up from her dream. She is an adult now in the hospital. Her eyes shoot open, and she gasps. There is a flicker of red in her irises...

I would love for Blumhouse to bring back the 8-bit opening like they did in the first movie at this stopping point. But this time, the opening is recapping what happened in the previous movie, to remind the audience and give us another awesome song like they did the first time.

After the opening credits, we get back to Mike and Abby. The first film is set in April 2000 (I think). It is still 2000, but now it is December, a few months since the events at Freddy's. And everything appears to be going well. Mike and Abby are decorating their Christmas tree while oldie holiday music plays in the background. They're giggling, having fun, and seemingly doing well for themselves.

Then Mike picks up an ornament, a red bulb with a picture on it of his parents, himself, and Garrett years ago. Mike hesitates before he glances at Abby. Then he tries to hang the bulb towards the back of the tree. Everything that happened to his family still haunts him, but he knows now that he can't keep chasing his past because he has to focus on the present and be there for his little sister. Mike is trying to let everything go and move on.

After the siblings finish decorating, Abby goes to bed while Mike relaxes on the couch. He turns on the TV to find that Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria is reopening. They've been rebuilding it for a while and plan to open it up a couple of weeks before Christmas. Mike is horrified at the sight of it and doesn't know who could be behind this with William being gone.

Mike runs to the phone and calls the hospital, asking to speak with Vanessa, but the receptionist tells him she has been checked out for some time now. Mike asked why no one told him. The lady, confused and unaware of the gravity of the situation, remarks that she wasn't told to call him when the patient left. The receptionist then asks if he is her family, to which Mike admits that he's not. So, she swiftly hangs up on him.

At the new Freddy's location, a man comes up with a "help wanted" ad in his hand. He changes into a uniform with a name tag that says, "Jeremy Fitzgerald." (Insert new potential Markiplier cameo here)

He answers a phone call with messages on it with his instructions. Since everything is still new, he's told that the animatronics tend to wander a bit to keep their joints from locking up and that if they come up, that he needs to use a mask so their facial scanners don't accidentally register him as a threat. He also needs to keep the music box wound to keep the Puppet asleep and to flash his light at Foxy--since he's an older model and won't be fooled by the mask. Jeremy takes note of the instructions and sets them down to the side.

The night runs smoothly at first, but eventually, things go wrong. Balloon Boy jumpscares him (because of course he does), Jeremy forgets to wind the music box and the Puppet jumpscares him (but doesn't kill him) The Puppet is screaming something incoherently, but Jeremy doesn't understand and just swats it away. Distracted by that thing, he forgets to put on his mask disguise and gets killed by one of the animatronics. The Puppet sits limply on a shelf, watching what happens, saddened.

The next day, Mike is at his new job. He works as a waiter at Sparky's, but right now, only focused on the clock. His knee bounces violently as he waits for his shift to be over. The background is loud and chaotic with customers talking, loud 80's music playing, and his coworker Ness won't shut up about this random subject Mike isn't following. His ears are ringing, and his eyes are glued to that ticking clock. But once it's time, he jumps up and heads for the door.

Before he has to pick Abby up from school, he goes to the library and looks through newspaper articles on Freddy's pizzeria. First, on its opening, then on the missing kids, and then on the restaurant's closure. The front page of the newspaper is of William and his business partner opening the establishment doors. But the glare from the camera and the sun on the windows blurs the business partner's face. But his silhouette looks familiar. Mike leans in more, trying to make out the outline of the face, but he can't see enough. He tries to turn the page of the newspaper, looking for the business partner's name, but there are torn papers sticking out of the spine where someone had come in before him. That's not suspicious at all.

His shoulders slumped in defeat, Mike's about to leave when he sees a public telephone booth with a phone book inside. He looks through it until he finds Vanessa's name. He writes the address on his hand and then hurries to pick Abby up from school.

Cut to the drive home, Abby is excited about a big event at school. The week before Christmas, the school is going to surprise them with something big before the break. As she's rambling, Mike slowly tunes her out, his eyes glazing over as he looks at the road with a haunted expression on his face. Suddenly snapping out of it, he tells Abby they're going to make a pit stop to visit an old friend.

They go to Vanessa's house, under the guise of wanting to make sure she is doing better after what happened. To entertain Abby, Vanessa turns on some cartoons while she and Mike talk in the kitchen about Freddy's return.

She tells him that she was dismissed from the police and she's had a lot of time to think about what happened. She says that she feels awful about what her father did, and she wants to play a part in making up for it all. She tells Mike that the pizzeria was the only good part of her childhood. The characters, and the games. And she wants to bring that back, excluding her father.

Mike is still disgusted by the idea, insisting that nothing good can come of that place, but Vanessa tells him that he just doesn't understand. Then she pauses and says again, "Why don't you come to be a part of it?"

She suggests that he'll understand better if he sees all the work she's put into it or how well everything is going. She notices his dirty waiter's uniform and offers him a job.

Mike scowls and uses his jacket to cover his clothes up better, but insists that he doesn't like what she's doing. Vanessa sighs in resignation then to supposedly change the subject, she asks how he and Abby have been doing. Mike replies they're in a much better place now. Vanessa then asks if he's found out anything else about his brother, Garrett. This causes a shift in Mike, and he narrows his eyes at her.

Before he can reply, Abby causes a commotion in the living room, either spilling a can of soda or just making a mess somehow. Vanessa comes into the other room to help her, while Mike takes this time to investigate.

He looks at blueprints on the desk of an ice cream scooper and a couple of designs for the animatronics, including their new software features. This is far more advanced than the robots Mike met the last time.

Then he goes down the hall and sees something white and furry poking out of Vanessa's closet. He goes to approach it when he hears Vanessa calling for him. He comes back and sheepishly explains he had trouble finding the bathroom, but it's time for him and Abby to go now. They say their goodbyes, and Vanessa tells him to think about what she told him. Mike briefly nods then takes his sister home.

That night, Mike lies in bed and stares at the ceiling. No more Nebraska posters, no pills, and no tape player at his bedside. He has long given up the dream theory thing. Mike has tried to find peace with what happened to his brother and leave things in the past. But it seemed it was still coming to haunt him, calling to him for some reason.

His eyes fall close, and for the first time in months, he has a nightmare related to his trauma. Instead of the camping trip, he's back at Freddy's where he can hear the sound of a music box. He follows the sound to the security room, where he hears a robotic voice spelling out, "C-O-M-E F-I-N-D M-E." Then Mike gets jumpscared by the Puppet launching at his face. And that's when he wakes up. He scrambles for the phone and calls Vanessa, asking if that job offer is still on the table. And in a purring voice similar to her father's back when this all started, she replies, "Yes."

The next night, Mike arrives and Vanessa is there to greet him. She asks where Abby is, and Mike says his coworker agreed to babysit for him, murmuring how maybe he owed Ness an apology for all the times he thought he was annoying. Vanessa laughs and then leads him inside for the tour. She shows him all the upgrades.

Then he gives her a look and she laughs, saying she knows he's waiting to see the new animatronics. She calls them the "toy edition." And how they have scanners built in where they can run a criminal database to make sure no intruders put the kids in danger. Mike is impressed by that part, and Vanessa replies it's the perk of having a cop background. Then Mike half-jokingly asks if dead kids are in these, and she replies there are not. They're all simply robots, controlled by a remote control only in her hands.

After the tour, Vanessa measures him for a new security uniform. She playfully asks what color he wants his uniform in, and Mike honestly replies that he doesn't care and she can pick for him.

So she hums in thought for a while before answering, "Purple would be a good color for you." And then she makes note of that. But she says that what he's wearing is fine for his first night. She leaves him be for now, and as soon as she's gone, Mike does a lot of digging. Scrutinizing the place for any signs of anything bizarre like last time, but doesn't find anything suspicious.

He does, however, see the framed photo on the wall of William and Vanessa at the first pizzeria. Mike furrows his brows, suspicious of why she chose to keep that up there. The dull lighting makes young Vanessa's eyes look red. And the shadow of a bunny rises behind him. Mike turns around and gasps when he sees Bonnie's animatronic coming for him.

He runs down the hall to the security room where he finds Jeremy's notes on what to do about the robots. So when Bonnie catches up to him, he's just in time to put on his mask and wind the music box. After that, the robots seem to leave him alone. Until he turns around and Balloon Boy jumpscares him--again. Freaked out and now frustrated--Mike chucks the toy across the room and then runs his hands down his face.

In the morning, when Vanessa returns, Mike demands to know why she didn't tell him the robots are coming after him. Vanessa asks if he listened to the instruction tapes, and Mike's face reddens when he realizes he didn't. But he asks why they're still dangerous, to which Vanessa replies that is only at night with grown men. Then she murmurs that she should've known he'd be a red flag to the robots since he has a criminal past.

Mike gets offended by that remark, so Vanessa adds that everything is still in development, but it'll be better when it's all finished. Mike then asks about the picture she had framed of her and her father, which seems to hurt Vanessa. Her eyes get watery as she admits that was the day of her birthday party, and it's the last good childhood memory she has. Mike softens, suddenly feeling guilty about bringing it up. He apologizes and Vanessa asks if he's changed his mind about working with her. Mike sighs and says he's fine, that he just wished he had a better heads-up. Vanessa apologizes about that then the two awkwardly part ways.

Back home, Abby is at the coffee table, drawing her old friends while a Christmas movie plays. She's chattering away about something but when she turns around, she sees Mike asleep in his recliner, snoring softly.

Angered, she picks up a pillow from the sofa and hits him until he wakes up and demands to know why she did that. She tells him that he's not listening to her and acting like he used to, back when he wasn't spending enough time with her. Mike apologizes and goes to sit with her at the table. He picks up a crayon, offering to color with her when he spots a drawing she did of a Puppet. Just like the one in his dream. He asks who that is, and Abby replies it's a new friend.

Sensing an opening here, Abby asks about the new pizzeria and if she can come. Learning his lesson from last time, Mike deadpans, "No." This angers Abby again. She tells him that he promised she could see her friends again. Mike replies they're all at peace now, but Abby isn't listening. She goes into her room and slams the door, leaving Mike alone.

The next day, Abby goes to school and sees Vanessa there with her teacher. Abby waves to her, and she sheepishly waves back before Abby's teacher announces that they're going to reveal the surprise. For the Christmas party before the break, the class is going on a field trip to the grand opening of the brand new Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria, a generous offer by the restaurant's owner, Vanessa Afton. Hearing her go by her old name, Abby furrows her brows as the class around her erupts into cheers.

Mike goes to work at the pizzeria again, going to his locker where he dons the purple security uniform. When he leaves the room, he sees Abby and her class are all there. He asks Vanessa what this is all about, and Vanessa replies it was a surprise and she thought they would love it. Mike is more than a little reluctant about this, so she tells him to do some paperwork while the kids have fun. He reluctantly does what he's told, but eyes Abby one last time before he goes.

Now we get to meet some of our new players. A bully picks on Abby and a couple of other kids and gets scolded by the teacher. Then the group split up to enjoy the games, the band, the food, etc.

One of the teachers tries to go outside for a smoke, then finds out they're stuck inside. She goes to tell the others, insighting panic amongst the chaperones. More of them try to leave, but none can get out. Abby's main teacher tries to reassure them it's probably a mistake. She goes to talk to Vanessa, but when she goes down the hall and opens the door, she sees a white bunny with glowing red eyes smiling down at her. And she's raising a knife.

Back with the kids, the bully picks on one of the smaller boys who is crying and afraid of the animatronics. To mock him, the bully picks him up and lifts him towards Freddy, mocking him to kiss and make up. One of the chaperones pulls the kids back and scolds the bully for doing that. But the bully insists it's no big deal. That the blonde lady was talking about how safe it was. This goes to demonstrate....reenacting the bite of '87. Everyone is stunned speechless, but the party isn't over yet. Now the robots are coming off the stage, heading for the guests.

Mike is back in the security room, blissfully unaware of the horror happening outside his door. He's putting away files when he comes across an old photo of when the pizzeria was open. And to his horror, he finds William's business partner is his father, Henry Emily Schmidt.

Mike drops the files in his shock before hearing screaming down the hall. He turns to the cameras and sees the robots are moving. He gets on his radio, demanding Vanessa tell him what's going on but when he steps out the door, he sees Vanessa in the white rabbit suit. He slowly backs away, his face losing its color as all the pieces fit together.

She tells him that she isn't Vanessa anymore, but Vanny. (Security Breach, baby) She lifts a needle and plunges it into his neck until his world goes black.

He wakes up in a back room he'd never been in before. Off to the side, he sees the body of Jeremy Fitzgerald. Mike looks more angry than anything, at himself for not seeing this coming sooner. How could he have gotten himself into this predicament all over again? He looks up and sees several metallic arms hovering over him. There's a button off to the side of it that is glowing red, showing that it isn't on yet.

But then Vanny jumps into his vision, giggling all the while. She says that she's so glad everything worked together so perfectly. Mike struggles against his restraints as he asks what happened to her. Vanessa replies that she misses her father. And that Mike has to pay for taking him away from her. But he insists that this isn't her, that her father must be messing with her mind or something. He asks why she helped him and Abby if she didn't want to see her father see justice. Vanny falters but insists Mike confused her. That she's going to make everything right again, and honor her father's memory.

She shows him the machine and tells him they made this one out of an old ice cream machine. Mike asks if she's going to kill him, then Vanny replies doing that would be too easy. But she's going to make Mike come around and see how much fun it is to be an animatronic. She said she didn't know how to make his spirit haunt one since her father never told her everything he did, but she decided she was going to make Mike the animatronic. The scooper will put the controls on the inside, and she will be able to work him into her puppet. Her instrument for her work. That Abby is outside and she will die at the hands of her own slowly dying brother.

Mike is terrified now, screaming for her to let him go as he violently fights the restraints. But that does nothing as Vanessa turns on the machine, and it threateningly gets closer. She was originally going to stay and watch, but when she hears glass breaking, she goes to make sure the teachers aren't getting away.

There is chaos in the eating area as the teachers struggle to ward off the robots. Abby is hiding under a table and crying when the Puppet joins her and softly introduces himself as Garrett, her brother. She immediately brightens and tries to talk with him, but Garrett replies they don't have much time because Mike is in trouble.

The two kids hurry. Garrett shows her to the robotics room, the secret entrance to Vanny's room. Before Abby can open it up, a rejected pink Foxy animatronic attacks. Garrett has to hold it back so she can get inside in time to find Mike and turn off the machine. She and Mike embrace then he asks what's happening, and Abby tells him how badly things have gotten.

But before she can get to the part about Garrett, Mike says he knows how Vanessa controls the animatronics. He gives himself and Abby spare Freddy heads so they can pass without the robots attacking them. Then Mike and Abby split up. He takes on Vanny while Abby tells the other kids how to fool the robot's facial scanners. Then Garrett holds the doors for them, giving them time to escape and for one of the surviving teachers to call the police.

Vanny screams in protest to see the children leaving, and then Mike overpowers her, taking her knife from her. He first destroys Vanny's control to the robots, making them collapse. Then in the struggle, as the concert's lights flash purple, Mike's adrenaline gets the better of him, and he raises the knife to finish the job....until he sees the Puppet's hand stopping him.

Mike looks to see Garrett's spirit looking at him with those same kind eyes. And realization sets in. Mike tosses the knife to the side, then takes off Vanny's mask and ties her up. He tells her that he hopes she gets help after everything, just as the police show up. And the Puppet disappears. But just when Mike drives away with Abby, he sees the Puppet's fading image in the window. Mike whispers his goodbye as tears begin to fill his eyes.

Cut to a staticky TV screen where a news reporter updates on the situation, saying how a deranged woman, a child of a serial killer, tried to follow her dad's footsteps. She goes on to say how many teachers and children survived, but she wonders if their small town will ever truly forget the horrors of Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria. But she tells people to rest assured the woman responsible will pay for what she's done.

Back in a mental hospital, Vanessa has calmed down now back to her usual self. She tells her psychiatrist that she never meant for any of this to happen, but her father influenced her somehow. The psychiatrist reassures her that he is long gone now, and she doesn't have to worry. But Vanessa just whispers, "He always comes back."

Cut to credits. Using another iconic Freddy's song like, "It's Been So Long."

Then at the end credits, we see Mike back in his living room and taking up the phone. He dials a number and says, "It's time that you and I have a talk. I know who you really are now."


And that's the end! I hope you liked how I wrote the FNAF sequel. This is what I hope Blumhouse is gearing up towards. Maybe I'll get something right or maybe it's all wrong, but that's the fun of this fandom. Comment what you think and if you're someone from Blumhouse reading this, please hire me, haha.

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