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Houseplant Wish List

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Houseplant Wish List

Every plant lover has an ever-growing list of plants they are just itching to find and buy. I'm no exception. Unfortunately my space is currently limited for my personal houseplants as well as available plants on the Shoppe.

Here's a handful of my wish list houseplants... both personal and Shoppe!

1. Hoya Rebecca (Hoya Sipitangensis)

Hoya has been on my list for a while, but this one specifically fits the bill. I mean, what's better than a plant that literally has my name in it's name! Twinsies!!

Hoya Rebecca plant
Hoya Rebecca, photo via Etsy

Hoya's come in many different forms and a lot of them produce flowers that drip incredibly sweet nectar! How cool is that?! Hoya varieties are not for the beginner plant owner as they are more difficult to keep alive than traditional Hoya.

2. Rattlesnake Calathea (Calathea lancifolia)

The Rattlesnake Calathea is cool looking AND pet friendly! I don't have issues with my dog eating my plants (except my outdoor ones) But for those of you that do have pets that have a habit of nibbling on leaves. This one is a great option.

Rattlesnake Calathea plant, photo via Etsy
Rattlesnake Calathea

It thrives in low light and prefers filtered water (a lot of plants get leaf burn on the tips easy with tap water).

3. Solanum uleanum

This baby grows great as a terrarium plant! New growth is dark purple and changes to either dark green or black depending on the lighting. This picture makes it look kinda sparkly, which is cool but probably not realistic unless you've just misted it. But seriously, look at this. It is gorgeous!!

Solanum Uleanum plant
Solanum Uleanum, photo via Etsy

Imma need to get myself a huge terrarium for my terrarium plants AND some pretty dope looking frogs.

4. Crassula Umbella

One of the most unique looking succulents I've ever seen and now I need it. Seriously it looks like donut with a stick of flowers grow out of it! And because it's a succulent, it's super easy to care for if you tend to forget to water.

Crassula Umbella plant
Crassula Umbella, photo via Etsy

I'd put it right next to my Silver Squill!

5. Miss Muffett Caladium

But Becca, You have a Caladium already don't you? Oh Wednesday? Yeah.... Wednesday is no longer with us. Poor thing got some sort of disease that I didn't catch in time. Goes to show even experienced houseplant parents can lose some too. This one would've been such a jolly sister in contrast to my former lovely Wednesday. I mean look at this.

Miss Muffett Caladium plant
Miss Muffett Caladium, photo via Etsy

Freaking gorgeous.

Those are my first handful of wish list houseplants.

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