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From Chaos Comes Creation

The title of this blog post alone had my brain reeling with idea after idea–none of which were cohesive or even remotely connected.

It’s ironic.

It really is.

I’m sure you’ve felt this before.

Whether you’ve got the itch to paint something or write a book or crank out a great song–the itch does not always mean you have an immediate plan. Actually, it rarely means you have an immediate plan.

Typically, you start off with just an urge. An internal pull in the direction of your chosen medium. Doesn’t matter what it is–the urge is usually about the same. The problem is, you can’t focus. You have a basic feeling, sure, but it’s difficult to articulate, and sometimes to execute. There are so many genres you’d love to explore, so many characters with potential, so many colors to use, so many conflicts you’d just love to see happen. But none of it is cohesive. 

Never let that be your stopping point.

So many future bestselling novels, museum-worthy art, and Grammy-winning songs have never seen the light of day because their creators were overwhelmed and stifled by the chaos.

In my debut series, The Arkis Tales–yes, this again–there’s a species of being called a Creator. In my previous post, I explained the nature of Creators and how they benefit from the organizational magic of the Galdere. If you don’t quite remember what I’m talking about, click here and catch up.

But now, it’s finally time for you to add a little Galderean organization to your chaos. If you’re an artist of a different kind, I apologize, as my expertise is in the written word...

This post here gives you a starting point. But what next? You’ve made your Pinterest board, you’ve compiled a playlist, and you bought yourself a notebook. So what now?

Word vomit, my friend. Pure and simple word vomit. Stare at that Pinterest board for a handful of minutes, put that playlist on shuffle and pull out the notebook. And then just word vomit.


Let me give you some examples:

Exhibit A (see left)

This is some nonsense I typed (with scribble font, for effect) after guessed it...Crocodile Dundee. I had a faint whiff of inspiration that ended up falling flat.

But the important part is: I wrote it down. Some wandering stage down the line might lead me back to this ridiculous, apparently misguided word vomit and prompt me to write my next full-length novel.


Exhibit B (see right)

This one actually morphed into three separate ideas--one of which actually made it to the outlining stage (which I'll cover in future posts). Some day, I actually intend on making it into a solid draft and eventually a series.


Exhibit C (see left)

This one has actually developed into a dramedy crime series I'm closer to publishing. While the character names, the concept, and even the genre have changed, this TOP (Thinking On Paper, as I've named them) is an actual tangible story that has been partially drafted.


And so, even if the word vomit sits in a notebook for years at a time, the first step to a bestselling novel has been made. The idea has been written. The vibes have been captured, however vaguely, and the progress should be celebrated.

For the next steps, you should definitely select my author name and follow me for upcoming posts. Let's take this chaotic but beautiful journey together.

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