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Aesthetic Rambles

When I am not writing, I like to do little things that make me feel like I'm being productive. One of those is keeping track of my characters' aesthetics. With Pinterest boards, drawings, and rambles like this. Because, apparently, it's important. To me. So...enjoy.


JENEVIEVE: Cross necklaces, pearls, typewriters, Dark Academia, Sherlock Holmes, parti yorkies, dusty rose, turtlenecks, plaid, rainy days, chai lattes, Jaffa Cakes, lavender cuticle butter, overthinking, round wire-frame glasses, dirty blonde hair, wax-seals, books, monocles, loafers, moths, trench coats, quill pens, candelabras, piano keys

LILA: Green scrunchies, tea mugs, succulents, vintage sketches of plants or biology, records, auburn hair, fuzzy socks, oversized sweaters, baggy jeans, worn tennis shoes, baking, tote bags, bandages, skeletons, buttons, chemistry, chinchillas, freckles, crochet plushies, indie grunge meets cottagecore meets ghiblicore, frogs, mushrooms

JAMES: Rainy car rides, 99 cent pizza, messy blankets on the sofa, waterfalls, laundromats, security badges, old cassettes, used bookstores, window blinds, walkie talkies, guitars, exercise equipment, handcuffs, cold showers, moving boxes, messy curly hair, worn leather jackets, naps, black coffee, old cars, headphones, low battery, bandaged knuckles

ELLE: Makeup, self-care, airports, volleyball, himalayan cats, name brands, iced water, neutral color palette, gold jewelry, selfies, avocado, sushi, Starbucks coffee, magazines, inspirational quotes, hair buns, minimalism, manicures, NY fashion, Pinterest boards, malls, winged eyeliner, salad, skin-care, lemons, hair clips, lotion, confidence, expensive sporty

MEMPHIS: Arcades, bad decisions, Bass Pro hats, 7-Elevens at midnight, four-wheelers, basketball, hot wings, teenagers, quotes on offending people, dirty blonde hair, American flags, gooey nachos, pitbulls, Mountain Dew, Nike shoe boxes, playgrounds at night, video games, crocs, roller coasters, junk food, sparklers


Chinese takeout containers, flashlights, magnifying glasses, deerstalker hats, fortune cookies, books, polaroid pictures, old pipes, detective crazy boards, crime scene tape, puzzle pieces, group of friends running, unknown callers, graveyards, Sherlock Holmes, keys, peeking around the crack in a door, stereotypical sheet ghosts, question marks, the midwest, group selfies

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