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A Summarized List of Hyperfixations & Influences

Hello all. JL Cordonnier here again. And I felt like talking about some of my favorite things. Overanalyzing some of the fandoms and interests that brought me to who I am.

Now, this doesn't include everything because that would be a much longer list. Just to name a few, I used to really like Harley Quinn when I was ten, I liked the TV Show Forever, MacGyver, and a lot of video games that I just watched on YouTube instead of actually you see my point. I've lived a lot of life through fiction. But these are probably the most important ones that I think played a role in my adult life.

  1. Cinderella

We are going to start off very early. When I was a toddler, my parents showed me Disney movies. And like every other little girl in the early 2000s, I got obsessed with the Disney Princess line. Although I've liked all of them at some point, I definitely latched onto Cinderella the most. I used to put on my Cinderella slippers every morning along with my princess purse. I had a life-size Cinderella doll I liked to dance with. And I've watched the movie over a hundred times. 

This was one of my biggest interests around from 2 to 6, with me hyper-fixating on the absolute cinematic masterpiece on and off for the rest of my life. My prom dress was inspired by Cinderella's gown with the design name literally being after the princess (which we found out after we bought it.) And as I'm writing this, I am wearing a Zales Enchanted necklace of her carriage. 

Although I think I am most like Belle in terms of loving books and antiques being my only friends, there's something about the 1950 Cinderella as a whole that I am fascinated with. The music, the aesthetic, and the plot. It is truly the most magical fairy tale movie. 

2) Spider-Man

As I got a little older, my mom went back to work and I spent a lot of my childhood binging movies with my dad. He showed me all his favorites with Rocky, Star Wars, Transformers, Star Trek, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc. And he got me into my favorite superhero, Spider-Man. I was entertained by Tobey Maguire, smitten with Andrew Garfield, also smitten with Tom Holland, and spent the rest of my young life debating if I wanted to date a man like Peter Parker or if I just seriously related to his personality. It may forever remain a mystery that never gets solved.

Spider-Man is funny, and smart, and changed the dynamic of what it means to be a superhero. He was not just invulnerable and untouchable like Superman or Batman, but he brought so much depth with his struggle trying to balance his wants with his ultimate purpose in life. Many people can relate that Spidey remains my favorite superhero. He taught me a lot about the importance of morality and responsibility, and he started my fascination with the hero trope, in general. I'll always carry a big piece of him in my heart. 

3) Little Women (1994)

When I was around 10, with my dad being in the military, we moved around a lot. When we moved to the next town, my dad got to stay at work a lot more while my mom went back to being a stay-at-home mom. And that's when she started to show me some of her favorite interests like Trixie Belden, Little House on the Prairie, The Peanuts cartoons, and Little Women. 

It was cozy, it was Christmassy, and it started two of my favorite interests today; the Victorian era and writing. Jo March taught me how to simply take up some paper and start writing down every crazy thought. Until then, I never thought of how books were made, or the work it took. Or even better, how fun it was to make them. That you could create worlds on your own. Jo March made it look so easy to just waltz up to a big city and give a publisher your draft and say, "Make me a book author." 

If anyone asked me for the next few years what I wanted to be when I grew up, it was to become a book author. I took my dad's three-hole paper, and my mom's scrunchies, and started making my own books. When I went to school, when it was too cold or rainy to go outside, I started writing plays and my friends would come in and want to be a part of it. The 3rd grade was one of the best years of my childhood because it was the first taste of who I was going to be as an adult, and it was just too much fun.

4) Nancy Drew

My parents showed me all the mystery shows. Charlie's Angels, Magnum PI, Castle, Forever, etc. And although I liked all of these, Nancy Drew was my top favorite. I wrote Nancy Drew fanfiction before I even knew what fanfiction was. Watching the Emma Roberts movie made me want to wear plaid, get myself a sleuth kit, and start solving mysteries. She was one of my biggest role models and was my earliest spark of interest in detective fiction.

5) Teen Titans

Superheroes in general are another off-and-on interest for me. Like with the Disney Princesses, I've gone through a phase where I've liked all of them at some point. Avengers, the Gotham Girls web series, and Young Justice. But the 2005 Teen Titans show was a hit for me when I was 12. I couldn't even get it on TV, I just binged it on the internet. It is the magic formula for a kids' show. Humor, action, relatable characters. I wanted to be a Teen Titan. I had a crush on Robin (just ask any of my cousins, they probably remember this cringe phase of my life) but my point is that the show was terrific. 

I loved the plot of the stoic, responsible leader and the dynamics between the teammates. I loved this group of friends that feels so real that you want to be a part of it. I include this specific show because the dynamics, the concept, and the different personalities are probably what first inspired me to do something like my upcoming book the Holmesian Book Club. Robin inspired a part of James, Beast Boy inspired the comedic role that needed to be filled in Memphis. And it showed how enjoyable it is to follow along about a team of young people who watch each other's backs, have fun, and save the day. 

6) Dead Poets Society

Around when I was 17, my parents showed me this gem of a film that is one of my favorites (if not my absolute favorite) The personalities, the depth, the themes. It is a little sad, but I love it so much. Another great piece of media about friendships, coming-of-age, and the dark academic aesthetic that I would come to want a part of in 2020. Ironically enough, since it's a movie about poetry and writing, I don't know how to describe what makes it so special. It is just a fantastic film. And it teaches one of my favorite lessons that I've carried with me, "No matter what anyone tells you, words and ideas can change the world."

7) Little Women (again)

I got to see this movie a little late. It was 2020, I think around springtime. I was graduating and deciding what I wanted to do after a whole teenage season of wondering if I should be a nurse or a cop, even though I had continued writing as a hobby all my life. With some prayer, I realized I had to make writing my career. It was something I really wanted to do, and my brain was just created to make stories. 

As I said, I didn't get into Little Women until a year after it was released. The trailer made me nervous, thinking it was going to be preachy and political. But I was surprised to find the movie was amazing. I loved Saoirse Ronan as Jo and Timothee Chalamet as Laurie. And it was the perfect film to remind me of what originally sparked my interest in writing.

8) Sherlock Holmes

 Last but certainly not least, we have the top of my hyperfixations list in Sherlock Holmes. I watched Enola Holmes with my parents where I was entertained enough but wanted more. My dad had shown me RDJ's Holmes years ago, but that hadn't really stuck with me. Enola was closer, intriguing me enough to look into the source. And that's when I came across the most recommended Sherlock Holmes show, BBC's Sherlock. About a peculiar detective and his ordinary sidekick who solve murders and develop a genuine bond over the course of the series. And I. Was. Hooked. And have been ever since. 

Looking over the entire list, I think Sherlock somehow captures many elements of the things that I've liked before. It has a vintage aesthetic, history, action, and adventure, and the main character with superhuman abilities like a comic book hero. I truly believe I have found the thing I will be obsessed with for the rest of my life. And Sherlock was the biggest influence on my upcoming series, 'The Holmesian Book Club.'

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