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The Little Arkis

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What is an Arkis?

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Our Vision

To create products and services that enable our patrons to utilize the power of stories in order to become their best selves.

Our Mission

To encourage personal and professional development in a continuously troubled world, through storytelling.

The Little Arkis Team

(left to right) Renee, Becca, Megan

About Us

Sisters by birth, friends by choice, as the saying goes. And starting back in 2020, we added business partners to that list. Combining our love of books and plants, we decided the world needed just a bit more creative energy and hope. Stories empower us through the tough times we all can't get enough of, while plants provide tangible proof that there can always be new growth. Our products and services strive to carry out that exact purpose, because not all stories have to end, and ours is just beginning.


Operations Director


Conservatory Director


Communications & Content Manager

Not only does she oversee general operations, but she seeks out and curates quality media products and resources for our customers—along with working on creative services we aim to introduce as we continue to grow.

Her attention to detail helps keep things going, and her time and care in The Arkis Conservatory make our live plants and plant-lover products possible.

She's your direct line to all the exclusive, hot updates occurring in every facet of The Little Arkis. She manages to keep every piece of content we produce up to our high Arkis standards.

Arkis Creators

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